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Wonder Graphics

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An anime based graphics community
♥~About This Community~♥

{♥~Starry Pink~♥}
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=> Welcome to wonder_graphics a graphics journal mainly based on anime. Although is based on anime, I can also do graphics based on movies, TV shows, ect.

=> Like the top of the profile page says, this journal might have some adult based content, so veiw at your own discretion, though it shouldn't be anything too bad.

=> Adding is ♥~!

=> Credit is not required.

=> No flamming or spamming.

=> Please no hotlinking. Upload the graphics to your own image service.

=> My name is Marquea, but you can call me "Quea" for shorter.

=> I go by several names, aliases, whatever you'd like to call them: Dragonfire Inferno, Dragonis Inferni, Dragonis, DI, Dragonis666 and Dragonis-chan. lol

=> I'm currently a Junior in high school, taking college based classes.

=> Favorite things are my laptop and everything on it, my Zen player, my manga, yaoi and my PS2.

=>I hate being in places without technology, snobby and shallow people, people who just ask the dumbest things, math and economics class.

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